About Us

About us

Akkyclicks .....(ace with a click, checkmate)

Akkyclicks photography for photography and post production services founded in 2017 has  a professional production team of three , working professional with an experience of more than four years. A group of three friends who decided to follow their passion with utmost dignity and being feverish to show this world from their camera and lenses. 

Pre-wedding, wedding photo shoot, maternity shoot, fashion and post production activities are all in house facilities, in fact we let you see the development of every segment so you are aware that everything you wanted in your production is there before we proceed any further. 

Akkyclicks being one of the best in Wedding film photography cover all aspects of camera work from pre-wedding to cinematography, traditional photography to couple shoots, fashion to food and many more. 

We offer ingenious high quality effective productions with our creative professionals that best suits your requirements.

The Team

Meet The Team

Akash Shrivastava

Candid photographer

Rajat Shrivastava


Mohan Sharma

Creative Head